My First Bash: UFE Halloween Mayhem 2013

Whatta weekend!




I honestly wanted to write a post yesterday but I was crazy overwhelmed with work and coming down from my competition high – I think they call it pure, unadulterated happiness? – so I finally have calmed down enough to post about the weekend’s shenanigans!

UFE Halloween Mayhem was a freakin’ blast. Definitely one of the highlights from the past year. It was so fun to get on stage with my best girls Daniella and Stacie alongside other amazing competitors. It was a long day but it was so much fun that you forget you have been awake since 4:45AM and haven’t drank water – not dandelion tea – in two days.

I’ll try to write a short and sweet – like me – post about Saturday’s events complete with four billion photos, because I can’t seem to narrow down my favourites (#vain).

Soooo I guess I should start off by saying I guess I’m going to UFE North American Championships in two weeks?! Yes, you read right. I placed 5th in open bikini and 4th in open fitness model categories, so I qualify to compete in the Elite category at the UFE North American Championships on November 9 in Hamilton. I am still in shock, to be honest!  I was honoured and flattered to be considered a top 5 competitor in a class of 29 other amazing, impressive competitors. I’ve been literally speechless for a few moments these past few days! I mean, I was in a category with crazy talented beauties like Erica Willick and Robina Abramson… little ol’ peanut me! Erica even told me that she watched me on stage and that I had great presence! That one’s going in the ol’ vault for those days when I feel blue.

Top 5 – Open Fitness Model (I placed 4th! EEEEEK!)
Top 5 Open Bikini (I placed 5th!)

It was such a whirlwind of a day – I was on stage a total of six times! – but it was such a well-organized event that it never felt chaotic (in a bad way) and the backstage staff were super helpful and nice (Shout out to Brianna Mogg who was bikini biting allllllll da booties; Carmen’s hilarious man yelling at everyone to get off the leather couch and get their ass on stage, and Marcus/Jesse Pinkman making sure all of us dehydrated bikini-heads were in line for the stage!) Here’s an awesome video from Sanj and Chelsea who came to watch the show!

Saturday wouldn’t have been possible or such a fantastic experience without a huuuuuuuuuuge amount of people:

  • My beautiful, coiffed ‘do was made possible by my fantastic sponsor, Becky Coleman from Trish’s Hair Design. I was in love with my hair and felt like my stage alter-ego Billie Jo from Atlanta really came out to shine!  Can I keep it forever, or…?
  • Where’d I get dat bronzy glow? Miss Dianne Martins! She was the most hilarious woman I have ever met and skilled with the spray gun! Pew pew! Killa tan. Thank you!
  • My face was transformed into a bootiful, bootiful butterfly by the beautiful Kat Roberto. I wish she could do my make-up every day, because I’m too lazy and unskilled to do it myself! Oh, and she does nails! Triple threat!
  • My hair was a luscious shade of va-va voom blonde thanks to Miss Krysten at Total Image Hair Salon. I do not trust anyone else with the enhancement of my natural blonde locks.
  • My pink suit? The one that made me feel like I rule the world? Yeah, that’s all Colleen from The Crystal Suit. I can’t wait to wear it at IDFA World Championships this weekend and again at the UFE North American Championships in less than two weeks! …and maybe my wedding day!

    is this me?! who is this?!
  • Thank you to my coach Jill Bunny for encouraging me and keeping me going even when I was carb-depleted and wanted to sleep all day and maybe eat all the chocolate in the whole wide world?! She has helped to guide me in the direction of healthy living and now I’m jaaaaaacked up on the gym and eating clean — and proud of my bod!

    Daniella and I with Coach Jill!
  • Obviously I can’t live without my soul sisters Daniella Ventresca and Stacie Pepper. They have truly been there for me every single step of the way through the good and the bad times. I don’t think I would have had such a positive competition and training experience without them. Sometimes people come into your life and you just know they’re going to be there forever! Also – they’re the only ones who know the obsession with nut butters. #soulsistas
    Team Bunny!
    bunny booty cuties

  • Thanks to my Ma Meatloaf who made my peacock costume and sewed feathers on errythang! I already gave her Twizzlers as a thank you but here’s an official one! Muah!
    peacock and a hershey’s kiss!

    wanna see ma peacock?
  • Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging along the way – Nikki, Abby (Ariel!!), Casey, Justin J-Money, Rose Blackman, Erica Willick, Carina, my parents (sometimes!), and everyone’s friends and families who cheered for me when I was on stage, because I had no one watching me (yeah this is a guilt trip for my friends and family!)
    Rose ( and I! Blog friends!
    “Charlie’s Angels” with Stacie’s pops-in-law! Post-Keg feast!
    Stacie, me, Erica Willick, Daniella and Rose Blackman (@otgfitness)

    Daniella, Abby (@ampollo on Insta) and me! #buttababies
  • And last, but not least a huge thanks to Sean Everingham for putting on such a great and professional show! I had an amazing time and I’ll see you in two weeks!

    Team Bunny with Sean (nightmares!)

Move over, Leo – this little sassy blonde is feeling like the queen of the world!



13 Comments Add yours

  1. chefman316 says:

    You look SUPER amazing!

  2. It was so nice to meet you! You looked beautiful and definitely rocked the stage 😉

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thank you Rose! You looked fantastic as well – I loooooved your Phoenix costume! Yay for moms making our bird costumes! Congrats on your third place in figure – you deserved it! Are you going to North Americans this year?

      1. Thank you! I’m not. I was planning I but I just received a job offer and would be starting right after. Having my last week of work be peak week would be way too stressful so I’m going to wait and do it next year. And bring an even better package!

        1. Paige Andrea says:

          Oh congrats on the new job! So many exciting things for you! Well I will come and watch you next year then – that’s a very smart decision!

  3. Paigy…
    Sweetie… You look so freaking amazing!!! I’m so freaking proud of you, you’re doing it! you’re really doing it!! I like it, I respect it, I F*cks wit it!!! lol Keep doing your thing girly 🙂 #Cheers2Health

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks Isaac! I’m trying to win the top spot! Number one is sooo close I can feel it! 🙂

    2. Paige Andrea says:

      Thank you! Going for that top spot! I’m the underdog but I’m coming up! 🙂

  4. Stacie says:

    My dearest Paige;

    You shine on stage… Your physique is simply GORGEOUS and you are my rock! You deserve so much success because you are one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I’ve ever met. Love you to bits and so glad that this crazy thing brought us together. I had the most amazing day with you – I can now say that I rocked the stage with the likes of Paige Man-gee-lee-ar-dee (?) when you’re a fitness supastar, gracing the cover of all da magz.


    ps – ruffle those feathas, girl! oh an #datass

  5. debdutcher says:

    Woo Hoo Paige! Congrats on a great showing and good luck for the next. All the best, MWAH!

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