One #Blessed Blonde: UFE North American Championships 2013

Okay so I may or may not be hopped up on my first Starbucks in a week – take a guess! – but I am feeling #highonlife!

If you’ve been creeping following my Instagram/Facebook feeds this weekend, you’ll know that I competed in the Elite Bikini and Fitness Model categories at the UFE North American Championships on Saturday.

dat almond butter banana life.

I had a freaking blast.

we switched suits!


I can’t wipe this face-splitting chipmunk grin off my face right now. (’s possibly the coffee and carb combination right now.) 

I am so glad I decided to compete in this competition as my last show of the year. It really ended my competition season on a positive note: YAY ENDORPHINS.

I didn’t place – insert my sad puppy brown eyes here – but I stomped around on stage like the sassy show pony that I am and had the time of my life. I got to go on stage for a total of three times (not including awards) so I’m a happy peanut!

Warning: Humblebrags ahead.

Guess what, guess what, guess what?!

During the Elite Fitness Model round, I shared the stage with none other than the AB-TASTIC, BOOTY MAMA CARMEN MCDONALD. Like, I stood next to her during awards. Not only did Daniella and I take a selfie with her, but she posted it on her Instagram. OH and I got to hang out with her and UFE Figure Pro, Hannah Bryant and the new Pro Fitness Model Champion, Stephanie Morrissey at the show after-event. I FANGIRLED IN THE MOST EMBARRASSING WAY POSSIBLE BUT #YOLO.

/humblebrag end

dee, carmen and me!

…Okay, let’s talk about me some more.

Rocked my bikini round.

Rocked my fitness model themewear round. (DA BEARS! Might rock that outfit to the gym this week…yay or nay?)


Probaaaably rocked my fitness model swimwear round the hardest, though. I popped and bounced and strutted and posed my little heart out, because I knew it would be a while before I would bop around stage again. (I think I’m addicted to the stage. Need stage rehab.)

lol my hat kills me in this picture

I’m waiting on hearing the standings from Saturday, but I feel so good about what I brought to the stage that day that I don’t reaaaaally care what my standings were. (I know, I know it’s crazy of me to say that since I’m always uber-competitive, but after my crushing defeat at my last IDFA show, I’ve switched my focus to comparing myself to myself from comparing myself to others. FEELS GOOD BRUH.)

After the Elite’s morning show was finished and my girl Kelly Solomon became a UFE Bikini Pro – SO PROUD! All the cheese in the world for you, Kel! 😉 – Daniella and I went on a savage (wo)manhunt for a good steak and sinful dessert combo. We ended up at Turtle Jacks (the Keg wasn’t open, okay?!) and we ate like bodybuilders. Heavyweights, to be precise.

post-show glow/sugar high
  • One rare top sirloin steak, lobster mashed potatoes and grilled veggies for me.
  • One medium well top sirloin steak, lobster mashed potatoes and grilled veggies for Dee.
  • One Brownie Skor Sexplosion Explosion with Vanilla Ice Cream.
  • One Fire & Ice (deep-fried ice cream with a cinnamon crust and funnel-cake-type pastry).
  • One giant jug of water.
  • Lots of bathroom breaks (gotta take dem selfies while I still look lean and have professional hair and make-up, yo!)
  • Two ladies coming up to us asking how two skinny (ummm, I’m lean and mean!) girls could consume so much food. (Insert smug face emoji here.)
  • Two food babies. Complete with a sugar high.

    loving my life. srsly

After our Heavyweight Feast, Daniella and I watched the Pro Show. Looking back, I wish I could have watched a Pro Show before competing in the Elite category so I would have a better handle on what makes a Pro a Pro. Because those ladies were fierce as a mutha. Most of the time when I “judge” a show, I can easily pick out the top three winners in each class but I was left clueless watching this show. There were such amazing physiques and personalities onstage that night – Erica Willick, Brittany Pelz, Stephanie Morrissey, Carmen McDonald, Louise Winders, Brianna Mogg, Winston Johnson, Mike Calaminici, Nick Geris – that I was dying in suspense when it was time for awards. THAT’S THAT GOOD GOOD, Y’KNOW. 

I met some super awesome people this weekend — Jet Black (a UFE Pro Fitness Model, also seen on the Canadian Amazing Race); UFE Bodybuilding Pro Nicola Elia and his stunning girl, Sylvia of EliteFX Swimwear, and the other pro ladies I previously bragged about meeting but am too lazy to re-type.

Oh, and did I mention both shows were broadcast live on the web?! HEY MA, I’M ON PAY-PER-VIEW. And my clothes were (mostly) on – yaaaay! Am I a celebrity now, or…?

And in my true grateful Paige fashion, I have my peoplez to thank:

  • Michele and Lesley for coming to watch me in my show – and for Michele sending her boyfriend pictures of the bodybuilders. Basically the best thing I heard all day. So glad you came!
  • My parents for coming to watch me for the fourth time this year. (And to my dad for taking awesome stage shots and having to watch me strut around in a bikini when I know the Italian in him wishes I picked soccer or field hockey like my sisters instead.)

    Bikini babes
  • Daniella and Kelly for being awesome support backstage yet again. It was an honour and blast (as usual) to glue your bikinis to your booties and get up on stage and rock it like we were born to do. #babes 
  • My virtual supporters who sent me tear-inducing (why am I so soft these days?!) text messages/Facebook messages/Snapchats- Stacie, Carina, Carly, Damien, Justin, Katie, Kyle Tasker, Mike A, Sacha, Christina, Nikki, Laurene, Jamie, Mel, Jess – which totally made me smile and made my day!
  • Dianne for making me a bronzed goddess, yet again. How could I possibly turn to anyone else for this chocolatey goodness?!
  • Kat and her hair goddess from Ku’r Salon and Spa for making Daniella and I into fit beauty queens.
  • My stunning and amazing coach, Jill for being there and being the most amazing coach a girl could ask for! People know these Bunnies are Bunnies from our sassy-assed, classy posing. SO PROUD. 
  • Thanks to Sean Everingham for putting on yet another amazing and super fun show that was such a positive experience for me and a great way to end my competition season!
Elite Fitness Models! Photo Credit: Bruce Templeton

My competition season ended on a strong note and I had an amaaaazing year (I really need to find another adjective – taking suggestions.) Ups and downs but I grew as a person – still short tho – and am the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. Remember when I said 2013 was the Year of Grabbing Life By The Balls (Amended to “2013: The Year of Getting Shit Done”)? 2014 will be the Year of Total World Domination. Except, I’m Pinky AND the Brain. I’m planning on hitting the stage again in the new year – except not five times?! – maybe once or twice with a jaw-dropping, heart-quickening physique and presence that judges won’t even be seeing other ladies on stage with me. #GOHARDORGOHOME


P.S. I have some awesome news coming up and I can’t wait to share it with you!

back on da supplements & feeling happy,

your favourite blonde


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Oooooh shit dat shout out.

  2. Brianna Mogg says:

    You are adorable and looked amazing on stage. I look forward to seeing more of you in the future 😉

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      OMG! I just fangirled to myself for 5 minutes. Thank you so much – that means a lot to me! You’re a total inspiration for a little peanut like me! Can’t wait to get on stage again in 2014! 🙂

  3. You look so happy, Paige! And I am happy to see you are now competing against You and not everyone else! That is the best way to get this to the next level. Keep on Keepin’ On, Girl!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks Deb! Yes it’s all about the mindset! Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it! 🙂

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