Catching Fire: Bellwoods Brewery & OddSeoul Toronto

Everyone loves a pop culture reference, amirite?!

You’ll get the reference after I begin my tale into the hipster depths of Toronto’s food scene.

So it’s off-season which means I get meals of choice/desired meals/”cheat” meals (I don’t like the negative connotation of this word, but now you know what I’m talking about!)

My lion-maned babe, Mel from my PR schooling days (Western what up?!) invited me to dinner to this hippity-hop restaurant in the Lower Ossington area of Toronto. She thought I would love it. She took me to Japango earlier in the year and it was dee-freaking-vine. To all my sushi-heads..go there for melt-in-your-mouth sushi but bring a tiny purse and tiny coat – it is squishy and cozy inside. 

Okay, back to OddSeoul.

I Googled it (in true Paige fashion) and lo and behold what do I see in their promotional images and social media presence?!




Oh…and rave reviews.

I couldn’t get there soon enough!

OddSeoul didn’t open until 6PM and we’re professional gals who show up 15 minutes early to everything (I try, okay?!) so we stopped into Bellwoods Brewery for a drink and some girl talk. Bellwoods Brewery is totally somewhere I’d go on a date – it was cozy and intimate with friendly bar staff. There were high ceilings with visible rafters, mason jars with candles (lol) and you could see the craft brewery machines (is that the proper word? I’m a beer rookie, so sue me.) Mel and I being vodka babes, we ordered the Heritage Dry Cider (West Avenue Cider, ON.) It was good – not too sweet, I guess. But I’m not exactly a beer sommelier, so don’t take my word on it.

Another cool thing? It was somewhere people could eat alone. There was a guy sitting at a table behind us eating solo. Would I do that? Mmm not many places would I say yes. But at Bellwoods Brewery on a Wednesday night…I would. One more bonus: apparently it’s a hot spot on the weekend. Maybe you’ll find me there on Saturday night. xoxo Gossip Girl (hahahaha.)

After we chugged the rest of our ciders like the classy girls that we are, we braved the cold to the short jaunt to OddSeoul. When I walked into OddSeoul, it reminded me of The Red Light in Little Portugal: really dark, really small with super simple decor (lots of dark wood and a vintage menu like the one at Electric Mud BBQ.)

I went to the bathroom – because I’m me and have the bladder of a peanut – which was in the basement. You had to walk through this room with vintage barbershop chairs – it was kind of creepy, I have to admit – and guess what? The bathroom was co-ed! There was a communal sink and private bathrooms, but I was still paranoid I was maybe in the guys’ bathroom?! I used it a few times and didn’t run into any males so I will never know if I was in the guys’ bathroom or not. #mysteries

da spread

Mel had been to OddSeoul before so she ordered us a bunch of small plates:

  • Bulgogi Cheesesteak
  • The Loosey
  • Chicken wings
  • Kimchi Fried Rice


image (3)

The Bulgogi Cheesesteak was this cheesy masterpiece of Korean fusion cuisine. I can still taste it..melty cheese, flavorful beef, succulent fresh baguette. I recommend it. 

The Loosey was OddSeoul’s version of McDonald’s Big Mac and it was delicious and didn’t leave you feeling with shame and gut rot. Not only did they create a delicious imitation of the Big Mac,  but they perfected the delicious symphony of Big Mac sauce (aka fancy mayo lol?), ground beef (real cow too), lettuce, cheese, and non-soggy bread with signature sesame seeds. Get this too. 

The chicken wings were also delicious and covered in this sweet and spicy sauce that would make nuns renounce their faith. Let me tell you how absolutely carnivorous and unladylike I ate these wings: no ducks given. Tip: you must pick the cilantro off the top before devouring. It is law.

And last but not least, the Kimchi Fried Rice: the one thing everyone must try when tasting Korean cuisine. OddSeoul’s dish was absolutely delicious – melt-in-your-mouth, foodgasmic divinity. I could have probably eaten the whole myself – it was thaaat good. Don’t let the kimchi haters fool you — you must try the kimchi fried rice. I can still taste it!

image (2)

Normally Korean food is known for it’s mucus-inducing, nose-running, eye-tearing level of hotness but OddSeoul is Korean fusion so it wasn’t too bad.

The only dangerously hot thing in this restaurant was my hair. 

A note to my long-haired beauties: when leaning over the table to show a friend an image/text/anything really on your phone, be aware of the candle on the table. HAIR IS FLAMMABLE.

Oh yeah…my hair caught fire. I screamed like a schoolgirl and then laughed hysterically when I realized it wasn’t thaaat bad and I needed a trim anyways. I stank up the restaurant with my singed mane and Mel and I made some new friends at the table next to us – shout out to the too-cool-for-school dude who “could smell it before he saw it.” Thanks fer comin’ out!

Anyways, OddSeoul was amazing: decor, vibe, food, prices (our dinner came to $30 total), so hurry up and get your butt here if you like Korean food and small plates.

Even though I saw no bearded or inked hotties, I give OddSeoul five burned weaves out of five. 

Go check them out!


P.S. I’m hungry now.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. You write better food reviews than me. I’m both sad and proud.

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      No way Justin! You’re the pro! I just act a fool and set my hair ablaze. Also – I don’t get paid for these. LOL

  2. Melanie says:

    I still think about the moment when I yelled “SHOULD I POUR WATER ON YOUR, SHOULD I DO IT…I DON’T KNOW…” you were a trooper that night and I think you should go back and pick up the guy behind us at Bellwoods…he’s probably sick of eating alone.

  3. sounds amazing! I’d love to try this place out 🙂 I think I need to try more interesting restaurants/cuisine from different countries/cultures! I should make a list of all the great restaurants you’ve reviewed…

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