All I Want For Christmas Is Upper Body Gains

…Buuuut you guys can’t give those to me so here’s a list of things I actually do want for Christmas. (This post is mainly for my Mom since she asked me for a list this morning. #multitasking)

I will be expecting these things in my mailbox/inbox/under my Christmas tree/couriered to my work/gym.

I will also settle for Netflix and clean peppermint hot cocoa with Bailey’s as gift, since I’m all about dat Christmas spirit.

  1. Ab Roller ($13.99 at SportChek)ab roller
  2. Almond Butter (A big jar of the raw kind from Maranatha please and thanks.)
  3. ‘Pretty Bitch’ beanie from (Thanks to @ampollo for this suggestion. She knows me so well!)

    so me, no?!
  4. A rescue “pitbull-type” dog. (I’m sad because I know I won’t get this. Sigh.) Look at this awesome organization in Ontario called Bullies in Need (BIN).

    This is three-legged beauty, Honey!
  5. Gift cards to (but not excluding unlisted retailers, lol): Loblaws (this girl eats a lot of groceries!), Urban Outfitters, Bath & Body Works, Winners, Canadian Tire (my car is like a child! So high-maintenance!), Apple (laptop needs upgrades! Severely.)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I wish I could get you a puppy!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      I wish you could too lol!

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