I <3 Fitness: Inside Fitness Women’s Training Guide Launch Party

Yesterday I was one of a select group of lucky fitness-loving ladies to be invited to Inside Fitness Magazine‘s Women’s Training Guide Launch Party (available December 16!) at the exquisite Battle Arts Academy. It was an amazing afternoon of sweating and getting our butts kicked by the best fitness experts in the biz (totally made me regret staying out late the night before! Hey, it’s off-season!)

that’s my struggling face pre-nosebleed

I got a nosebleed.

That’s how hardcore it was.

Ha! Just kidding. (I did get a nosebleed and it was hardcore but I think it was just the dry air. #dramaqueen).

Boxing, strength circuit training and yoga…OH MY!

The first session I participated in was boxing taught by Nichelle Laus – a boxing instructor at Battle Arts Academy. I donned my boxing gloves – looking uber-cute whilst doing so – and I learned how to jab, where to keep my hands to defend myself, bounce around on my toes (sore calves today!), how to hook, and my personal favourite…the roundhouse kick. I loved this session and it was fun to punch and kick the shit out of the punching bag: I neeed to take boxing classes now – watch out world!

Boxing with Nichelle Laus!
i luh da camera
kicking shit with Daniella Ventresca

The second session was a strength training circuit run by Stephanie Joanne (Fitness Expert on CityLine is just one of her many roles). OMG. She kicked my butt. I knew she was going to, too. (I remember following Tracy from CityLine as she was getting personal trained by Steph and Steph is a beast! The strength training circuit consisted of 2-minute circuit stations involving jump squats, rope pulls, pull=ups, monkey bars, jumping rope, planks, and a lovely 2-minute sprint on an incline. (That lovely 2-minute sprint made me want to puke and those planks made me get a nosebleed. #hardcore) I know I said the boxing session was my favourite, but ….so was this one!

Me and Daniella planking hands-to-elbows

The third session brought the whole group of ladies together again and was a yoga practice led by yogi mama Gillian Mandich. It was the perfect relaxing end to a high-energy afternoon. I love yoga and I haven’t done it in a long time. Gillian’s practice helped to reignite my passion for yoga – and I learned how to externally rotate and interdigitate my toes! 😉

It was such a fun afternoon and I got a chance to mingle with fellow fitness and healthy-living-loving women and it made me realize – again – how much I love the fitness industry and all of the empowerment it brings to women. I’m grateful that I was chosen to participate in this amazing event and thanks to Rachel Crocker and Terry Frendo from Inside Fitness, Steven Wong from Battle Arts Academy and the fitness beauties Nichelle, Steph, and Gillian for putting on such a fantastic launch party! There are not enough of these positive, supportive events for women out there and this was a beautiful thing (even though I have the worst DOMS right now.)

i spy half of me in this lol

Keep your eyes peeled for the inaugural issue of the Women’s Training Guide on December 16 – I already got mine!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Skye Lee says:

    Looks like a hoot, so much more interesting than boring ol’ threadmill x-trainer hoo-ha! Tell ’em to start one here in Aussieland 😉

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      hahahah hoo-ha! Yes it was so fun but the pukey part was no bueno! You don’t have fit mags Down Unda?

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