The Year Ahead: My Jay-Cutler-Size To Do List (No 22-Inch Arms Though)

Happy New Year everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already 2014..I remember drawing pictures of what I thought the year 2000  was going to be like and here we are in two thousand and freaking FOURTEEN. (I see none of my predicted hovercrafts and metallic clothing.  The closest we have is Lady Gaga’s attire and the roomba. Ten-year-old Paige would be so unimpressed.)

Anyways, let’s not look in the past. Let’s look to the future!

As of last year, my brother-from-another-family-entirely-there-is-no-way-we-are-related – Case P aka Oldest Raisin Man – has begun the annual tradition of writing a list of goals for the year ahead ranging from getting fit to returning video games borrowed from friends. This is an amazing idea, methinks. It provides accountability for my goals ahead (no matter how teeny) and…

I LOVE LISTS. (I love lamp, too.) So this will be like list porn. Yummy.

Casey usually posts 100 things – but let’s be serious – I don’t even know if I can reach 20 items, but maybe my blondie brain will think of some stuff.

Let’s commence.

  1. Finish watching The Wire. (I have two seasons left!)
  2. Stop caring what people think. I grew up with the mindset that I need to please everyone around me and now I routinely forget my own happiness in my quest to please others. If I’m unhappy in certain aspects of my life, perhaps I should change them, correct?
  3. Win a trophy in a competition. I only have one and I’m pouting.
  4. MOVE THE FUGG OUT OF MY HOUSE. I refuse to be another Italian girl living at home until she’s married. 
  5. Get certified as a personal trainer with ACE Fitness.
  6. Become a UFE pro.
  7. Learn MMA or boxing. Or both. I just want to punch and kick something.
  8. STAY HUNGRY. Don’t be satisfied just kicking back in life.
  9. When number 4 happens: adopt a rescue dog.
  10. Put less focus on the love corner of my life. (Get less rattled when things don’t work out.)
  11. …learn about feng shui and rearrange my living arrangements to get good chi.
  12. Go on a real vacation. Maybe finally go to Paris like I’ve been wanting to for the past two years?

    Ooh la la.
  13. Educate myself about nutrition. (I signed up for a Coursera course in June. OH BABY.)
  14. Get a freaking Marissa Rivero physique. We’re the same height so it’s gotta be possible, right?!
  15. Post less on Instagram. (I’m grasping for straws here, hahaha.) I don’t want to oversaturate the market, naw mean?!
  16. To make my moving out goal more tangible, I want to aim to move out by the summer of 2014. Or I may implode.
  17. Drink more water.
  18. When my moving out goal happens, invite more people over. (Living at home is kind of a buzzkill for my dating game – like I can’t invite a potential dating victim over without meeting the parents..I’m not going to sneak him in like I’m 15-years-old yknow?! So it’s like, hey I just met you…here are my parents…please call me…maybe? Hysterical ramble over.
  19. Get new glasses/prescription. I squint a lot and that shit ain’t cute.
  20. Be less shy.
  21. Smile more. Say hello.
  22. …Especially in the gym. Chronic Bitchface is another unappealing quality of mine. I’m just super hardcore, okay?! 
  23. Contribute a fitness/health-related article to a magazine or blog with a large audience.
  25. Procrastinate less. (If I need to file my physiotherapy claim to my insurance or check my work voicemails, I need a kick in my marshmallow derriere to do it.)
  26. Speak my mind more often.
  27. Volunteer at a humane society or rescue organization. (I’ve been saying this for two years.)
  28. STRETCH MORE. I am the worst at this – coming from a dancer, too!
  29. Take a ballet class. I miss ballet.
  30. Make one big life decision without caring what others will think about it. 
  31. Read more books. More good books.
  32. Tell people who are close to me – the few and far between – how much they mean to me more often. You never know what tomorrow brings. (I just gagged at the cliche, but it’s true.)
  33. That being said, become more comfortable talking about my feelings in real life. (Yes, I am a female but I am terrrrrrrrrrrrrible at this. I would rather eat cilantro than talk about how I feel in real life. I’ll text it to ya.)
  34. Trim the fat. Cut the BS. Get rid of the strings in my life. Cut the cord. Jah feel?
  35. Watch movies on my To Watch List, like The Innkeepers, Melancholia, and The Awakening.
  36. Seduce Jake Gyllenhaal. Or his lookalike from Brothers. Hubba friggin’ hubba.
  37. Volunteer backstage at a UFE show.
  38. URGENT: Get a new laptop. My 2009 Macosaurus doesn’t hold a charge anymore (even when plugged in!) and cannot handle ANY updates.
  39. Don’t overbook myself. Make Me Time. (With training, that is my focus so when I have spare time, I want to hang with friends and family but I tend to overbook myself and as an introvert, I need time to myself or I might self-destruct. #HermitProblems)
  40. Cleanse my many social media feeds. Unfollow unnecessary people on Twitter and Instagram. Unfriend people on Facebook who I would not say hello to if I saw them in real life. (Because we both know this hermit doesn’t have 500+ friends in real life!)
  41. Get into the habit of budgeting. (I act like a baller, but I’m actually poor.)
  42. Compete in an NPC show. Is this possible as a Canadian? Feel free to let me know, American fit friends!
  43. Go camping. I haven’t been in years and it’s been on my friends’ and my To Do List forever.
  44. Hang out with my parents more. Even if they drive me to the brink of insanity.
  45. Get sponsored. I’m a hardworking, honest athlete and I think I would make a fantastic representation for any brand. (I’m also fantastic at social media-ing the crap out of everything.)  And I’m cute. Sooo…..

That’s all I can think of right now. Pretty much have exhausted this brain of mine.

Here’s to 2014! May it be bigger than my biceps, happier than a bear on a bee farm, more fun than a bouncy castle, and more amazing than 2013!

What are you guys doing in 2014? Show me a list! Show me the money!




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Casey Palmer says:

    Well-played with your list 🙂 It screams Paige to me, but that’s definitely a good thing 🙂 Let me know if I can help you with anything on there!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Help me seduce Jake Gyllenhaal. Hahaha! Just kidding. Thanks Casey – supportive as usual. 🙂

  2. Jen's Army says:

    Paige! If you want to get into the personal training side, let me know ASAP. I’m hiring 🙂 We can see if there’s a good fit for both of us and I know others would want to know how to get your bod 🙂 just a thought. PS – I like your updates so don’t cut those out. They make me feel normal.

    Ciao Bella!

  3. Stacie says:

    2014 is gunna be your year, I know it. You’re a star. Miss you and your blog. Catching up now.

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Missed your comments! xo

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