Ambition & My First Real Off-Season: #2014MyYear

Hello? Is this thing on?

UFE Showdown

I haven’t written on this baby in over two weeks! And I can’t remember the last fitness-related post I wrote. (I’ve been a crazy whirlwhind of things and updates, so I guess this will be a hefty post.)

And lucky for you, I don’t really have any new material to rant about re: guys – hurray! #BoysStillSuck #SoDoMen

I’ve been busy on my new adventure with My Virtual Mission (I’m writing some weekly blog posts for them, so I’ve pretty much been a deadbeat for my own blog. I’m sorry, sweet blog o’ mine.) You should check them out – you can track your fitness journey (whether it be training for a marathon or biking across the world, or, JUST the country) and fund raise at the same time! Seriously. It’s awesome. Go forth and check them out.

Oh yeah..and I was in Oxygen. #casualcelebrity

So I’m 10 weeks into my very first off-season and 144 days (20 weeks) away from my first show of the competition season: UFE Showdown on June 21 in London – my old party gurrrl stomping grounds. I’ll be competing in Elite Bikini.  Even writing down 10 weeks is crazy to me and I think to myself: have I really made the amount of #gainz (definition: muscular gains for the non gym-rat) that I think are good enough for that amount of time? Unfortunately, I had my minor setback of my metabolism acting funky after the extreme dieting (you can read about it here), which probably dipped into my muscular development.

HOWEVER, luckily I was able to bounce back fairly quickly – it probably took my body about 3 weeks or so to retain its regular shape again (in terms of water bloating, etc.) I’ve also been going to physio religiously for a sassy hip (I’m a grandma, k?) due to an imbalance in muscle tone in my back, which then made my right glute weak as hell and effed with my movement patterns during squats, deadlifts, etc.) But I get weekly butt massages (trigger release, you perverts) and I’m working on changing my movement patterns so I don’t need a hip replacement in four years (based on my EXTENSIVE knowledge of physiotherapy, ha!)

Anyways, everything could ALWAYS be worse, so I’m #blessed for real.

Even though I have a grandma hip, I get to eat carbs errrrrrrryday. The best part about eating carbs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY is that I see my strength improving in the gym like crazy. I never did bench press last year during training and now I’m crushing 85 lbs like a boss (thanks to my awesome but mean spotter and gym bro, Ivan) My goal for the end of my off-season is 100lb bench press without Ivan basically lifting it for me HA! I’m leg pressing eight plates and giving old gym daddies heart attacks BECAUSE OF MY IMMENSE STRENGTH IN SMALL PACKAGE. #BOOYAKASHA I’m squatting a moderate amount and focusing on tempo and my goal is to get lower than parallel so I can work my glutes. Quads are spoiled brats. Biceps are exploding out of shirts and my deadlifts are getting miiiiint in terms of form and weight.

Let’s face it.

I’m basically Arnold.

Thanks to my amaaaaaazing coaches, Pam Fitzgerald and Jules Karantjas, I’m PUMPED to say I will be a part of the A Healthy Fit competition team this season! (If you’ve ever trained with Miss Pammy – holy smokes – RIP to your muscles! It was amazing. The lady knows her shit about muscles: ever since changing my focus to tempo of reps and building that mind-muscle connection, my workouts have become explosive. My blonde mind was blown.) And thanks to Jules for giving me MOAR carbs so I can light my body on fire (figuratively, not literally.) This may be the carbs talking.

After doing a mini-cut (only water) for a photoshoot this past weekend (which was unfortunately cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances – ugh!) I’ve been super jacked up about my muscular gainz. I’ve seen some pretty decent improvement in my shoulders, back, quads, and hams – OKAY I’VE SEEN IMPROVEMENT EVERYWHERE.  I’m starting to get more separation in my muscles, which makes this girl pumped on life like AHNOLD. It further confirms the idea that you must be dedicated and train for a while (not ABS IN 6 MINUTES!) to see significant results. You’re not going to get  rear delt separation in two months (naturally, of course #NattyNatalie) – it took me a YEAR to get these arms looking like sensual, shapely cobras. Maybe it’ll take someone else less time – every body‘s different.

I AM GETTING AMPED. SO AMPED. As much as I love the muscle-building phase, I cannot wait to see what I’ve grown. I cannot wait to get on stage and do my thang. (In fact, I volunteered to volunteer at UFE Spring Bash in Mississauga on April 5th, because I cannot  stand to be away from my the stage any longer.) Ambition is strong this year. I’m ready to go into this competition season like a black panther ninja: you may not see me coming but I’m there (this sounded better in my head…perhaps this year I’ll be less of a weenie.) This will be MY year. I want to build my reputation based on the merit of being dedicated, strong, and hard-working: not as someone with a story. Everybody has a story. I don’t need a sob story to make my name known. (And neither do you!) Inspire and motivate with strength and dedication and start a new trend.

ANYWHO, let’s get to the good gooood.

Here are some progress shots from my current “journey” (I’m sorry, Stacie there is no other  word as good as journey, lol) to the stage (if you want consistent/bombarding of progress photos and updates, follow my Instagram, @itsbetterblonde):

stupid faces and biceps
stupid faces and biceps
hot and fit
#quadz before Inside Fitness Hot and Fit Party!

my fluffy little back lol

My favourite progress. Forgive the language - I was excited!
My favourite progress. Forgive the language – I was excited!
ham separation starting!

Thank you for supporting and following me on my fitness …adventure (WHAT IS ANOTHER WORD FOR THIS?! HELP!) I really appreciate all of your words and views (even if you don’t say anything/comment!) I just like to put my thoughts and words out there in case someone else feels the same and I also just like to write. So yeah. Saves everyone the trouble of me ranting and raving like a lunatic.

It’s leg day, people! Light it up! Drop that thun thun!

What are you training today?


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacie says:

    “Journey to the Stage” is definitely copyrighted by me so… if you could break out a Thesaurus and be on your way.


    So prouda you! My lil sushi making all da gainz and remaining a babe. I need to light that Paige fiya under my bum and get back to the gym so we can about #datpump and Vlad my veiny friend.

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WORD FOR JOURNEY! Quest seems too medieval. Dammit, English language.

      Tanx my #soultwin. I miss Vlad!! Freddy Forearm has been hiding – only comes out in the shower like the pervert he is! Miss your face. Let’s rip up 24/7 Fam Fitness.

  2. Ivan Severdija says:

    get out of here im not the one lifting that weight for you on bench press!!
    it’s all you! ps good job you’re making UNREAL #gainz 😛

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Bahahaha thanks Ivan! It feels like I do nothing on those last reps! 😛

  3. … and I love the muscle separation, physio anecdotes, and sexy dress 😛

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      hahahahaha thanks beauty! xoxoxo

  4. I love you.

    I’m sorry, it has to be said. You are hilarious and we need to talk more because we just do. So ya. Go go offseason gains!

    PS I believe Adventure is off limits too as that was Erica, Steph and My Vlog series “Adventures in Competing”. Gosh Paige, get your own words!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks lady! I know we need to catch up!

      And hahahah dammit! NEED MORE WORDS!

      P.S. Write more blogs!!! I like reading them!

      1. haha, I’m trying!!! I started a new job not so long ago, but finally getting back into a rhythm… I will be a more faithful blogger. Promise!

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