3 Month Countdown: UFE Showdown

So I have an app on my phone that counts down to my competition (as I mentioned in my last post) and today it alerted me that it’s…



Holy hell, right? Most people would start their “cut” at the 12-weeks-out mark but my sexy coaches gave me a 14-week bikini prep so I’m 2 weeks ahead of the game! (#positivethinking).

lol, yes i send snapchats like this

Two weeks into prep and I’m feeling pretty good. I find it’s mostly (actually 1020%) a mental thing for me. Like clockwork, as soon as prep starts, I begin to think of all these foods I wanted now that I can’t have them (on account that I don’t have “freebies” on my own accord anymore – must ask Jules for the green light.) I find this helps me not to nibble all week on little cheats like adding BBQ sauce to chicken (shit is high in sugar, my friends) or indulging with a cake batter cookie that my little sister KEEPS ON MAKING. (These are so good. I would sell my soul for these.)

my coworker made Guinness chocolate cake and I couldn’t have any #tears

DISCLAIMER: Not saying you should NEVER have cheats – that’s dumb as hell in my personal opinion and when you brag about having no “cheat meals” ever…are you really living? They jumpstart your metabolism, guru girl! #GirlBye But at this point in MY training for MY goals, freebies are a no-no. SO IT’S ALL GOOD.

i’m the first cat #nomoregreens #morechocoplz

Carbs have been lowered #tearsforPaige. But on the plus side, every time I consume my morning oats or sweet potatoes, I feel like heaven is shining down on me or Mr. Potato Head is sacrificing his child for my happiness. (Thank you Mr. Potato Head.)

me when i eat sweet potatoes

My strength in the gym has decreased slightly due to the carb change and loss of one meal – I struggle a little more when I’m BENCHING A QUARTER with the free barbell and I had to downsize to 70lbs from 90lbs on incline chest press. (Insert Jay-Z’s ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’ here.) However, form is key so I must swallow my Leo pride (honestly, if you don’t know I’m a Leo by now, you need to get correct!) and reduce my weights.

abs flex
one week into prep abs. yeah, i’m showing off

I’m still killing my leg workouts with three-day-long DOMS and no reduction in weights.Ā MY. BUNS ARE ON FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE. (If you need a little extra pickle in your butt after your leg workouts, try single-leg leg press for drop sets. GOOD LUCK WALKING AFTERWARDS.)

glutes and hamstrings
on friday we train glutes and hams

Thursdays are usually my rest days, but last night I decided to get together with some old dancing gals for a drop-in ballet class at Rhythm and Grace. (Yes, I used to prefer twirling on my toes to lifting weights like a real boy.) I was worried I would be:

a) Toight as a tiger. Lifting weights shortens your muscles, which is why stretching is so key when you’re strength training. I was a little bit crackly here and there, but I’ve always been lax in my stretching. SO SUE ME.

b) Too old to retain choreography. After my super-intensive party girl days, I gave up dancing because I couldn’t retain choreography. This was likely due to my super ridiculously poor diet and mass consumption of alcohol. It’s been a few years since then and I was surprised I picked up the old French ballet terms automatically. Crazy how things stick! But I guess 14 years of dance does that to ya!

best music video.

c) Look terrible in my leotard/too tight on my ass. Nope. I think I looked better in my leotard last night than I did when I was a petite sixteeny. My delts looked fab in the studio lighting – I was #feelinmyself.

Yuki, Kelsey, Addie, and I after our ballet class #dead

The ballet class was amazing and it made me remember how much I loved dance! (Dance used to be my gym when I was younger and needed a stress relief.) I miss ballet. I’ll definitely be incorporating ballet into my training to switch it up once in a while. The drop-in classes are affordable ($17!) and are located at the iGita Hot Yoga Studio in Oakville. You should probably check it out – beginners are welcome too! It’s not some hoity-toity class full of sticks and a brutally snobby French woman. The Founder and Artistic Director, Natalie Sweazey-Pitton is really sweet and hilarious and the ballet class was classic ballet with a touch of yoga. The theme was Love Yourself.


But I still need that heavy-hittin’ iron. Can’t wait for my brutal ass-and-hams workout tonight.

the gym yes

OH! I almost forgot: I booked my spray tan yesterday with Hollywood Tan London (same place Rita Catalino and Meaghan Tezris endorse. #booya). This competition experience is a lot different for me, because I’m a lot more independent and I don’t feel forced to choose a specific service to go with for my show needs. I’m shopping around for a suitmaker which is fun – I really want a Ravish Sands suit but I don’t know if I can handle the anxiety of delivery and will it fit/what if it doesn’t fit/what if the world ends/what if my ass is too big/too small/I grow boobs. (If anyone has ordered from them or has any local affordable suitmakers, please let me know how it went!)Ā 

Back to eating mass amounts of broccoli, kale, and spinach. #tearsforPaige, part two.

i am Godzilla #wahh

KEEP LIFTING AND LOVE YASELF. (And don’t be afraid to admit you love my swaggie choice of gifs.)


paigey peanut


14 Comments Add yours

  1. I was going to do this show too but I have a wedding to attend, so doing a show the week before instead. I’m getting makeup and hair done by Two Chicks and Some Lipstick and I’m soooooo excited about it. Can’t wait to see you’re progress. You look fantastic!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Ahh fun! I don’t think I can afford those ladies šŸ˜¦ Can I ask how much their services are? Are they only in the GTA?

      1. For both makeup and hair it’s $250 which is quite expensive but only about $50 more than normal inside makeup and hair offers. I am splurging because I am using the same suit as last time so that’s how I’m justifying it. Lol. Plus they are amazing and I really want to work with them.

        1. Paige Andrea says:

          Yes I’ve seen their work and they are amazing! Can’t wait to see your show pics! (if it wasn’t so far, I would definitely come watch!)

  2. Stacie says:

    When I read your blogs it makes me love you more than I already do. Soon enough I will explode from love and soul-twinness. You da bomb.com xo

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      right back atcha butterbean. hey, is butter a carb? love you to uranus and back xo

      1. Stacie says:

        Also, I am thinking of taking a hair and makeup course so I can be your personal makeup artist… thoughts? #highmaintenance

        1. Paige Andrea says:

          honestly…can you please. I never want anything too cray. Just need someone to put my extensions in and make me look BEAUTIFUL. HELPZ

  3. You crack me up šŸ™‚

    Where do you get these awesome GIFs?


    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Haha thanks! Umm I just google, really lol “angry gif/hangry gif/lifting gif” hahaha

  4. Danielle says:

    Loving your blog! Your writing style is actually hilarious… You’re in the GTA right? I’m doing an OPA comp in 3 weeks and got my suit done by a lady (who has competed in bikini and figure) in Burlington. She did an amazing job! I’m in figure but I’ve seen her bikinis as well and they’re gorgeous… She’s really good about working within your budget too (she can do as much or as little detail as you’d like). Her name is Monika and her business is called Sassy & Fit Boutique– I think they’re on Facebook if you wanna look her up! Good luck with the rest of your prep šŸ™‚

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Ahhh hey girl! That’s so fun – I may try an OPA comp later this year! And hahaha that’s too funny – I’m actually going to try on Monika’s suits on Thursday! Thank you for the recommendation and good luck to you too! šŸ™‚ Yay for new friends!

  5. Jessica Perez-Beebe says:

    Good luck. Do you have photos from past shows you can share? I am competing in my first ever show (at age 37+) in 2 weeks!!! eek!! It’s an OCB show, in Bowie, MD. So excited, and nervous! :/

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Hey Jessica! Don’t be nervous – just get out there and have fun! You’ve worked so hard so have a blast and get sassssay!

      If you go to my Instagram @itsbetterblonde, I have some past photos. Or even if you look at my past blog posts, I usually post some show photos: just search UFE, IDFA, Fitness Star. Hope this helps! xo

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