Do You Even Bikini Prep/I Suck At Blogging: 8 WEEKS OUT

….I have left you like a jar of peanut butter with half a tablespoon left in the bottom that is too little to scoop out with a spoon (anything less than 6 tablespoons is just pointless to consume!)

me + peanut butter 5eva

I’m sorry, my lovely followers. I have been insanely busy at work (Excuse #1), attempting a social life (failing, but Excuse #2), and training my buns off (Excuse #3.)

So I will give you a plethora of updates into this little life o’ mine:

  • Diet and training is amaaaazing as usual. I’ve shed 5 poundaroos in the last four weeks. I was struggling a little but I’ve got my head on straight now. Cardio is only 30 minutes of HIIT three times a week so I can HAVE A LIFE which is quite lovely. It also makes me enjoy cardio because I’m not doing 14 hours a week and it’s shorter sessions so I WANNA GO HARD IN THE PAINT, ya dig?

    me after cardio #gimmeoxygen
  • I seriously cannot believe I am a little less than 8 weeks/2 months/60 days out. Insanity, I tell you! I look so different than my previous preps at this moment in time. And I feel fantastic. I’m a little bit tired but I don’t get as hungry anymore than when Jules first lowered my caloric intake. I’M GOOD.

    is there really an inappropriate time for an Ariel gif
  • I am in the May edition of Oxygen magazine in the Rising Stars section. AKA WUT. I had submitted my “story/non-story” like 200 years ago at the encouraging of Miss S. Peppa and Oxygen sent me a questionnaire to fill out with more information about myself and then – people told me I was in it! I was beyond floored, excited, grateful, shocked, squeeeee-happy. #FeelsGoodMan

    lol @ my personal training business goal (i was low-carb at the time)
    lol @ my personal training business goal (i was low-carb at the time)
  • I’m also on the front inside cover of the Gap’s Annual Report after they discovered my artistik selfie in my fave camo pants in the Gap changeroom. So listen up selfie haters, maybe you’ll end up in a financial/business document. TAKE ALL OF DA SELFIES.

    me circa march 2013
    me circa march 2013
  • I was blessed/honoured with a tanning sponsorship from the wonderful Tan in the Wild. I’ve been going to Tan in the Wild for my bronzing needs since I was in high school (before any sort of bans, of course. No age jokes allowed!) I was honoured and flattered and I have been browning myself until I am a sensual black bean. (Okay, dark brown. Mediterranean skin: love you.) Joe and the staff at Tan in the Wild are very friendly and the beds are luscious with a little butterscotch candy THAT I CAN NEVER EAT on it, but it is a great place to pretend like you went on vacation.

  • I had my first refeed meal on Sunday so I chose a diner-style breakfast with my beardy stud. I don’t think the other diners were ready for the slaughter I made of that breakfast: my stomach is larger than my body. #Science. Oh…and I ate two donuts afterwards. Vanilla dip and sour cream glazed give me liiiiife. 
  • Refeed‘ is way better than ‘cheat’. ‘Cheat’ adds the negative connotation to food and treats certain foods as ‘bad’ and can harbor feelings of negativity, guilt and regret towards food. This is a very serious, highly prevalent occurrence in the fitness and competition culture that nobody talks about but does at the same time. “Binges” post-show are widely accepted but further the vicious cycle of “Omg need to do cardio because I ate 900 chili cheese fries and 40 pop tarts.” You ate a ton of carbs. Way to go! Refeed that nutrient-depleted body. Don’t regret it. You did it. Now move on! Don’t be in an on-again, off-again relationship with food.

  • Where did I get dat amazing knowledge?! My amazing coaches of course. I went to Understanding the Process, a seminar about competition prep and all of the things nobody talks about when competing. It was a lot of fun and I met a ton of competitors who I’ve only talked to via social media and it was a really supportive, positive group – shoutout to May, Nneka, Tamara, Abby aka Unicorn Princess, Nicolette, and Miss Caroline! You guys are beauties. Fitness is forever a learning curve: you’re never an all-knowing creature. Learning and growing is why the fitness industry is so fun and dynamic: it is ever-changing and you are always growing (if you allow it to happen.) Oh yeah, and I won a tub of A Healthy Fit protein, so YEAH BABY.
  • On a non-fitness front (wut, I have a non-fitness life?!), I accepted an AMAZING career opportunity so I have sent in my notice to my current job and will be making the change in a couple of weeks. I AM HAPPY PEANUT.


So there’s my little update into my life. If you want to see any progress pictures/weird selfies/fitsporation, check out my Instagram @itsbetterblonde.

K I’m off to eat cucumbers and pan-fried fishie (thank you Abby for saving my life!)




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  1. I clicked the linked because it had the first readable text of the article. Everyone kept linked phone photos of the page.

    Congratulations Paige. Well deserved props for all the hard work you do.

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      What do you mean “readable text”? (I’m low carb, forgive my poor cognitive functions.)

      Thanks for your long-lasting support – it means a lot!

      1. Everyone kind of posted blurry snapshots of the magazine article when it first came out. This blog post is the first one where I could actually read what was written about you in the magazine.

        1. Paige Andrea says:

          Ohh yeah my Dad scanned a copy of it so I shared it finally!

  2. fitmisslaur says:

    I think this blog post is Fabulous! You have so much personality in your blog! 💜💪😎

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks love! I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to read your blog – love hearing about other people’s fitness adventures. 🙂

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