The Comeback Kid

So life happened (again.)

Remember that job (a.k.a. dream career!) at Target Canada which I absolutely loved?

this is me every morning now

If you don’t live under a rock, I no longer have that job so I’m ‘enjoying’ that #funemployment. It was super devastating because how many people can say they loved their job and everyone they worked with?! I worked with an aaaamazing team (yes Sony Centre dungeon-dwellers you are awesome too!) and I loved my crazy whirlwind tasks (my daily Mount Everest.)

I’ve had a few weeks to digest it and get over some of the major anxiety and sadness that comes with job loss. However, I’ve had amazing support from my family, friends (you really find out who the real ones are!) and coworkers.

thankz guyz xoxoxox

And if I look at it from a positive light, a life with a smooth paved road is not one worth living! How can I grow as a person if I’m smooth sailing all the time?

When I started blogging I was fresh out of my post-graduate program and needed something to do other than binge-watch television shows and job hunt. The difference between then and now is that I’m binge-watching Mad Men and Mindy Project instead of Game of Thrones and the job hunt is a little easier with a bigger network and (much) more work experience.


That being said, I am dusting off my blogging skills and keeping my communications skills fresh so I don’t forget how to streamline and also re-introducing dat sassy tone.

What am I going to write about? Probably a little fitness (I’m going on a min-cut before a family vacation to Florida in two weeks!); a rant or two about people in the fitness industry (with correct spelling and intelligent arguments, unlike the majority of my fellow fitties — sorry, I’m a communications professional and the truth hurts, lol); and likely some new recipes I’ve been trying out now that I have a lot more time on my hands.

you better be!


my all-time photo of all time

It’s blizzarding here and all I want to do is build a friggin’ snowman. (Waiting for Sheldon to get home from work. Come on maaaan.) Yeah, sometimes we skip the gym to oh, you know, live life.

olaf makes my heart smile

Oh and I so badly want to shred some pow. (I went snowboarding a couple weekends ago and my love was reignited!) Need to go, like, every weekend until the snow stops!

Conquerer of blue ◽️s and bruisin' knees #bluemountain

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I don’t want to just write to write — just wanted to say hey what’s up you’ll probably see more of my posts. I’ll be seeing my bffl and her babe on Wednesday so perhaps I’ll have more juicy juice to share! (HOLLLLA STACIE PEPPA AND JTASK!)

KBYE off to watch Groundhog Day!


(send pizza)


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