a quick peek

..into female body image (or maybe just mine??) & our I-N-S-A-N-E journey from Tuesday –> Wednesday



*lemonading like a mutha*


— at the gym, at work, at the grocery store, on the train, walking the doggo —


then Wednesday comes along and you’re like: hello i am the spud spawn of mr and mrs potato head (for NO reason at all…other than like hormones/you ate broccoli yesterday/water!!)


this post is just to say, hey, literally every woman (and maybe some men? speak up fellers!) go through this roller coaster of Titus-to-potato body image all the time! (yes, even those people who only post photoshoot photos or the exact-same-pose-every-day.) the key is to just accept the potato days and know they won’t last and you’ll back to your Coyote Ugly (lol did i just date myself here??) level of confidence in no time. these potato days (not going to call them ‘bad’) make the lemonade days SO much better.

this is still a work in progress for me, but i am 4000x more at peace with this than i ever have been (like the last time i was probably OK with my body was ..before i was 10 years old? crazy!! wow that is a very intimate detail there, ha.) there’s so much other shit to worry about/be excited about/focus on. don’t listen to/unfollow ‘shamers’ on social media — they’re a seed in that lemonade, girl.

anywho, i wrote this post because i really just wanted to use the dichotomy of Titus lemonading against feeling potato-y, because i can’t stop thinking about how awesome it is.

*i am v. aware that i am breaking many writing rules. just felt like not capitalizing anything today because i am one day from vacation so …say it with me…”i don’t curr!!!”

go get yo lemonade on.


queen potato del pomme de terre-lemonada



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