Breaking Bad [Habits on Vacation]

So I just came back from an amazing 9ish days in sunny, perpetually sunny California. I always feel like [coastal SoCal] is a more palm-tree-y version of Canada – everyone is super friendly and pretty health conscious (as opposed to when you’re accosted by trucker hats, 9,000 Waffle Houses and AYCE pizza in south Florida.) I always feel right at home there!


Normally 2-3 weeks before a vacation (if I’m not already prepping for a competition), I’ll tell myself I need to buckle down on my cardio and nutrition so I can be ‘beach ready’ and not ‘beached whale.’ This time, I was way too excited about ALL OF THE TINGS WE WERE GONNA DO IN CALLIIII and grateful for 1 billion other things to even focus on stupid stuff like that. In my non-expert opinion, that’s just a recipe for completely fucking up your vacation (excusez mon français.)

And there’s always people in your social circles/on the interwebs who (sometimes unintentionally) make you feel guilty you over not working out/not tracking food/*eAtIng~cLeAn*. The same can be said for those who glorify binges which can be equally as harmful (in my non-expert opinion.)

My advice: don’t listen to them. Unfollow. Mute them. Don’t bring them with you, lol. Just do it.



  • Desperately try to cardio the shit out of myself + ‘eat right’ before beach vacation to achieve some level of leanness (that has zero correlation to amount of fun you have on a beach!!!) & get stressed/upset about it
  • Pre-plan getting up super early to work out on vacation EVEN THO VACATION IS THE ONE TIME YOU CAN SLEEP IN WITHOUT GUILT.
  • Then not get up early and workout and feel guilty about it, because was too busy having fun/staying up late/living life on vacation.
  • Rest of day is messed up b/c of guilt around ‘skipping’ workout.
  • Try to make up for lack of ‘workout’ by restricting food/going ‘low carb’ & probably ‘failing’ BECAUSE ON VACATION.
  • Again, day is messed up because I become obsessed around the food I’m eating/not eating/carbs/ice cream/local foods/e x p e r i e n c e s.


  • Do not bring food scale on vacation. I am already pushing the limit on baggage weight with the eight extra outfits I pack ‘just in case.’
  • Grocery shop for snacks for outings (and fun American ones we don’t get in Canada! Hello Dunkin Donuts Mocha-flavored Oreos, RXBars & Korean BBQ-flavored turkey jerky!)
  • Walk around all day EXPLORING and being a tourist = I ain’t have enough energy to hit a gym after walking like 6 miles in desert heat, lol.
  • Also — I’m in fucking California, why would I be stuck inside a recycled air-jail of manmeat and unwashed dri-fit for even 4 seconds??*
    • *Exception: Gold’s Gym Venice because #TheMecca so you just gotta go. (Also they have an awesome outdoor section which was my favourite, but also fried me like an egg by late morning.)
  • As the old meme goes re: how to achieve bikini-ready body:
    • Go to the beach.
    • Wear bikini.
    • Bikini body achieved.
    • Note: I feel like I was more ballsy on this vacation re: bikini choice too because a) my dad’s not there to judge LOL VITO and b) I know basically no one soo #SunsOutBunsOut
  • Realize it’s OK to enjoy foods DAILY and not have to label them *shudder* treat/cheat meals (like Ben & Jerry’s in the U.S. has 8000 more flavours than the 6 we get in Canada. You’re damn right I’m jumping on that pony.)
  • Not have to justify ENJOYING foods of all kinds (high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, sugary, etc) because we hiked x amount that day or we went to the gym or not. I ate X because I wanted to/I was hungry/craving it. #HungerCues #MindfulEating #ListenToYourBody #NotInstagram
  • But also realizing what foods give me the most energy/make me feel my ultimate best
    • Knowing we were going to be out all day so eating a big carb *gasp* + fat-filled breakfast so I don’t become hangry in 2 hours.
    • Knowing that fish tacos from a taco truck make me feel sluggish if i eat them two days in a row, lol
    • Homemade dinners at our Airbnb bring me the most joy and satisfaction after a long day v.s. two $15 sushi rolls which is fun experience-wise, but not filling (ugh)
  • Just being in the freaking moment and not spending ALL DAY LONG thinking about gym and food and exercise and calories burned and carbs and fats and all of that exhausting stuff.

To some people, you’re probably, like “duh Paige, this is the most obvious shit ever you crazy nut.” but this was the first vacation (since 2011 maybe?? AYOO CAYO COCO) that I was able to FULLY be present in the moment and enjoy my vacation without – frankly pointless/useless/totally first world problems – food/exercise stress/freakouts.

Be grateful you’re traveling to a beautiful place. Not a lot of people can travel!! It’s truly a privilege. (California straight up robbed me, but the experience was 5000% worth it. So this is probably a good time to tell everyone they’re getting Dollarama chotchkes for Christmas right??)


Surround yourself with positive people who do not promote disordered eating & exercise behaviours and will likely ruin your vacation (unfollow, mute, delete, don’t bring them, lol). This will save your mental for sure.


Anyways, this has been another episode of Paige-word-vomit-in-order-to-get-back-into-blogging-because-writing-brings-me-joy.

And I’m not any sort of expert on these things, I’m just writing about my own personal experiences so *insert disclaimer dissolving me of any responsibility here.*

yours in fish tacos + bum sunburns,




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