things we need to leave in 2017

I almost wrote this post as a sort of therapeutic, never-publish-it-but-still-write-it since it’s a little more ‘negative’ than I’d like for an end of year post, but:

the spelling error in this is killing me

If you are offended by any of the below, it’s probably because you’re a perpetrator. *Kanye shrug* K, here are some things that we need to leave in 2017:

  • Any and all generalizations about miLLeNiaLs.
    • A) You people complaining about miLLeNiaLs raised them. That’s on you, Sharon. Maybe you should have edumacated yourself on child-rearing. Check out Jonice Webb’s book on emotional neglect for cool tidbits on where you went wrong.
    • B) Every generation has its bad batch. I have come into contact with just as many absolutely insufferable Generation X-ers. Shit happens. Stop generalizing. tenor
  • Starting any sentence with ‘must be nice.’ Once you say this to me, it’s game over: I’ve stopped listening. We all have the same hours in the day.
  • Men who make women feel like they shouldn’t be taking up space in the gym. Maaaaaan, this shit needs its own blog post.
    • A couple of weeks ago, I had to calmly explain to a man multiple times why it wasn’t OK for him to interrupt my set to ask me how many I had left. It’s not OK for me to spend literally 2 minutes on a machine (it was less than Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’), but it’s OK for you to kick me off because you need to use it? (Worst part is his wife made him ask me. Girl, you’re out of the inner circle. Byyyyye.) GIRLS, WE ARE ALLOWED TO TAKE UP ALL THE SPACE. Don’t let the twatwaffles at the gym intimidate you into taking your machine/dumbbells/space at the gym. You deserve to take up space. ALL THE SPACE!!!! /endrantxjvhiow
  • Working out with hair down in the gym. (Lol, shoutout to my homegirl Stacie Pepz.) This will be on my list of things that need to end until the zombie apocalypse.gymetiquette4
  • Instagram’s algorithm. 
  • The dichotomy between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food (well, the discourse around ‘diets’ in general.)
  • Poorly-proofed 90,000 word Instagram captions and blogs. *waits for someone to clap back at my proofreading*
  • Girls not being friendly to other girls in the gym. I don’t want to start a conversation either lol, but gooooooooodness gracious, smile back. We need each other in solidarity. (P.S. I don’t care about your boyfriend. I care about this PR I’m about to hit.) giphy
  • The price of domestic flights in Canada.
  • People who reference fear-mongering food bloggers and documentaries as legitimate sources of info. #StopItRahnYerrTraumatizingMe
  • Bad avocados.
  • The shit real estate market (ya sorry I’m not paying $125K over asking for a peanut townhouse in Meadowvale. And yeah SHARON, it’s your fault. #Bye)

I can’t think of anything else and I think I got all the main ones. And hey, if you’re a perp of any of the above, it’s never too late to change!!!

Nevertheless, I had a pretty great year and have gratitude for all my awesome opportunities and moments this year. Let’s see what 2018 brings us! (Hopefully, less rants and less hair-down-in-the-gym!)


have a safe (but not too safe) and happy new year!

yours in gifs,



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